What our customers are saying...

Connecticut-based Language Service Provider

"Fluency will definitely do the trick for you! We utilize every aspect of the I2S2. We manage over 1000 appointments per month and have over 200 interpreters in our database. The interpreters absolutely love it because it is so easy to use. We have clients logging in and scheduling and managing their own accounts. As soon as they saw it in action, they were impressed with the ease of use and that there was actually something on the market to assist them in managing interpreting assignments. We use QuickBooks for our accounting system and are reaping the benefits of the integration that makes our billing process automated. We were previously spending about 35 hours per month just on billing, now we spend 30 minutes per week and it's done, even with an ever increasing appointment volume. It's great, and it's also the only option for the most efficient way to manage the scheduling of interpreters”.

Indiana-based Language Service Provider

“I am very impressed with the professionalism of the I2S2. The system is easy to use. It meets and may even exceed my expectations. Even with smaller volumes of appointments, it has been very helpful. It has improved my agency’s efficiency, especially with the courts. We used to have to send a confirmation for every appointment...now our customers can receive automatic notifications.”