Mission Statement

Since 2005, Fluency has empowered language access managers with efficient, industry-leading tools to schedule, track, invoice and document face-to-face interpreting encounters.  At our core, we are interpreters, with a profound understanding of the industry and the unique information needs of scheduling and managing interpreters within a highly challenging service environment. Our Internet Interpreter Scheduling System provides a high quality, industry-leading suite of business tools, online-booking and scheduling features and in-depth appointment and financial reporting features necessary for successful and efficient management of spoken language and American Sign Language agencies and language service departments.

The Internet Interpreter Scheduling System (I2S2) has been in operation since April of 2005 and is currently in use by over 50 interpreting and translation agencies, non-profit refugee service organizations and hospitals nationwide. Based in Carmichael, California, we are the country's leading provider of reasonably priced online interpreter management tools. Our domestic support team is poised to help you quickly professionalize your office operations that will save you time and money right now.