Internet Interpreter Scheduling System (I2S2)

Technical Specifications
>Fluency Backbone: Dedicated DELL servers with 3-tier client/server architecture utilizing Microsoft Internet Information Services IIS version 7.5 and residing in a state of the art co-location facility in Sacramento, California. Technology and services in place in the co-location include 2N+2 redundancy, self-healing infrastructure management system, 24/7/365 hardware monitoring, power redundancy and a blended Internet connection.
Security: Transport Layer Security (TLS) with 256-bit encryption. Redundant SonicWall Enterprise Class Firewalls coupled to Dell’s SonicWall Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) subscription that includes Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control Service; HIPAA Regulatory Compliance Report available upon request.

Up-Time/Failover/Disaster Recovery: Our goal is 99.9% up-time, currently we are at approximately 97% with offline time dedicated to upgrades and security updates. Fluency, Inc. utilizes an up to date server environment employing a Dell Power Vault MD series Storage Module operating in multiple redundancies. Should any one of the servers fail the fail-over time window is calculated to be less than 10 minutes total elapsed time from incident to uptime. Image-based backups are performed 4 times a day with full validation daily. Remote “off-site” backups are performed daily. Both local and remote backups have job reporting and automated monitoring in place and both backup repositories are encrypted on-disk. åThe current backup solution is performed by an 8-core server-class appliance and provides for local Disaster Recovery. Should our primary data center go down Fluency, Inc. will operate from a secondary data center– in the unlikely event of catastrophic primary data center failure, less than 3 hours will be needed to resume full operations.

Database Software: SQL Server 2008
Web Application Software: ASP.NET Web-based application, .Net framework, v. 1.1 updated to v. 4.0
Current Software Version: Version: – Externally licensed
Platform: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise and 2012 R2 Editions
Offline Requirements: Fluency, Inc. reserves the right to go offline on selected weekend times to perform hardware installations, software and security uploads, and to test fail over and back up protocols. Users will be given 72-hours notice prior to going offline.